ANOTHER N.D. Wilson Giveaway (yay!)

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t done any reviews lately, but the only reading I’ve been doing is for school 😦 (finals coming soon!).  In other news, I just wanted to let you know that if you bought Outlaws of Time there is another giveaway!!  I received the following in an email:


Ahoy Outlaw Readers!

You’re getting this email because you purchased Outlaws of Time and participated in the rewards! First wave readers are greatly appreciated, so we have another giveaway for you. 

Help us spread the word about Outlaws of Time by posting a review on Amazon (or Goodreads, if you purchased the book elsewhere) and we will mail you a signed Outlaws bookplate for FREE. But only while our supplies last…

Just send a link to your specific review (along with your mailing address) to, and we will get a signed bookplate out the door and heading your way!

Many thanks for your support!

Team Outlaws


Hope you guys follow up on this opportunity!

With a flashlight under the covers,


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